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About Her Ladyship, Princess Justice, The Kitsune:

I am Princess Justice Henrika Takai of the Konishi Takai family household of Japan. I also legally have the ‘Duchess, Lady and Princess Regent’ titles. I am not a monarch princess, but I am a Samurai Royal Aristocratic Princess. I am not blood related to the Japanese Imperial Monarch Family. However, I am related to a person that is a famous Japanese Samurai Shogun Daiymo by the name of Konishi Yukinaga. My family royal line goes all the way back from the 1550’s, through my mother’s family blood line. All royal titles were given to me at birth and are written on my Japanese Family Kosehitohon tapestry court documents. My royal titles are shown on my American legal birth certificate and other legal court documents, as well, here in the United States of America. My Samurai ancestors were persecuted for being Christians. During that time my ancestors took the first name of “Konishi” to become their last name to protect themselves from further persecution, after Konishi Yukinaga died in the year of 1600.

The Emperor Matsumoto, other known as Emperor Meiji, played a role in having Japan become more westernized in the mid 1800’s.

When World War II came many countries became more centralized, which caused many Samurai families that held royal titles to be categorized as aristocratic families. Out of respect for the Samurai families that have royal titles, such like my family, we were able to keep our royal titles, after the war ended. Which means The Japanese Imperial Royal Family can not take the Samurai royal families titles away, because the Samurai royal titles are given from their family members through their own family bloodline, like my family. This also means no government entity, parliaments, house or senate, congress, or anything operating as a government entity or petition efforts can not take Samurai royal family titles away either, because their titles were not given from The Japanese Imperial Royal Family or from any government entity itself.

My grandmother on my mother’s side of the family married and had her last name changed to be “Takai”, but when she divorced she changed her last name back to being “Konishi”. My grandmother was a voice actress for the company Paramount in the 1930’s in Japan. My grandmother’s children all had their last names as “Takai” as their maiden names.

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska on February 17, 1984. I grew up in Anaheim, California, United States. I was born a female and remained a female. I am allowed to live in the US, I just can’t become a United States President. I have one mother and two fathers. My mother is Japanese, Russian, and South Korean. My birth father is Irish, French and Indigenous Native American (The Huron Tribe, other known as The Wyandot people or Wendat, also called the Huron, are Iroquoian-speaking peoples of North America who emerged as a tribe). This is the Indigenous Native American Tribe I come from. My step- father is Japanese. My mother and step- father had full-custody of me and my older sister growing up. My older sister and I share the same mother and birth father. My mother divorced my father when I was very young. Causing my birth father to not be allowed to hold any royal titles there after, because he is no longer married to my mother. My birth father served in the United States Navy and Marines for over thirty years and has been retired from the United States military for many years now. I get along with all three of my parents to the best of my ability.

I married and divorced and had numerous name changes over the years and have decided to change my last name to be my mother’s maiden name “Takai”. I divorced my ex-husband in the year of 2012 due to domestic violence and abuse that was done towards me during that time of being married to my ex-husband. I can relate to so many people on so many levels about what it’s like to leave a bad situation and how hard and scary it is to leave a bad situation. I’ve had three mini-strokes in my past one in the year of 2015 and two in the year of 2016. I have not experienced another mini-stroke since then, which I am totally greatful for. I’m considered to be a mini-stroke survivor, because of it. I can truly say in good faith that I understand what it’s like to have health issues, because of that I will no longer allow anyone and I mean anyone (family, friends, work connections, aquaintences, strangers) to treat me badly. I now choose on purpose to be surrounded by people who I resonate with and who I feel treat me with decency, with dignity, and with respect.

Before my marriage to my ex husband, I had a lover that I cared about and we ended up getting pregnant, but my daughter was not developing well, and she was having heart issues, and because of those heart issues, I ended up having a miscarriage. Losing my daughter was devastating for me. I chose to name her, Evolet. If you spell the name backwards it says Te Love… in Spanish there’s a word called Te Amo. Te Amo means I love you or to love. My daugher Evolet was worth fighting for. I always will remember her and I will always love her. I truly can empathize with someone, who has lost their beloved child through a miscarriage. My daughter was miscarried in the month of May of the year of 2009. My daughter is with a beloved of mine in heaven now and he watches over her for me in the sky world. His name is Henry.

Henry, was an ex-lover of mine, who I met two years after my divorce to my ex-husband. Henry had an interesting and yet tragic story. Henry was kidnapped and abducted at the age of eight years old, was forced to go by a name that was not his original birth name. Henry was sexually, mentally, emotionally, and physically abused as a child from the age of eight to ten years old. He was forced to live in numerous orphanage institutions. At one of those institutions, a young woman in her thirty’s, by the name of Ruby, became a nun and was at the last orphanage institution that Henry was forced to live in. Ruby saved his life and was a surrogate mother to him. Thank goodness for Sister Ruby for loving my Henry like he was her son. In the year of 2015, Sister Ruby passed away to cancer related issues. Henry really looked up to Sister Ruby, and her death was very hard for him to take in and process. He loved Sister Ruby very much. Sister Ruby loved children and people. She dedicated her life to wanting to protect them from all forms of abuse.

Henry served in the British Army, by serving two times in the Afghanistan war, and came back home to Britain. In the year of 2015 he fled to Dublin, Ireland because he was being persecuted for knowing about child and human trafficking that was taking place in the UK and other parts of the world and how it was tied to people like Epstein. He wrote a book in the year of 2014 about his life story and what he knew about the horrors of child and human trafficking. Henry was murdered in his hotel room in Dublin, Ireland, on March 6, 2016. He was found in his hotel room on March 9, 2016. He was shot 20 times by the criminals, who killed him. The criminals who killed him did this just to make sure he was dead. His book is no longer allowed to be sold on book shelves. The people involved in his death didn’t want him telling people about what he knew and didn’t want people reading his book.

His death was a cover up and I spent many years spending time and money on investigations here in the US and the UK to find out what happened to him and everything else. It was brought to my attention that his book is no longer allowed to be sold anywhere and it was proven that his murder was a cover up and that he was telling the truth about himself and everything he knew about child and human trafficking all a long.

His true birth name was Henry. I never called him by the name he was forced to go by when he was growing up. Henry looked like a hybrid of many people. In some photos he looked like Prince William with lots of red hair. He also had facial features like King Felipe of Spain, and there were two actors that he looked like as well. One of them was the actor, who played the role as Captain America. You take everyone’s photo that I mentioned and put it together, there you have what my Henry looked like. Eyes like Prince William and King Felipe of Spain, eyes like Princess Diana, but facial features as the actor who played Captain America. Henry’s birthday was September 15, 1984. Many people have that as their birthday, my Henry just so happened to have that birthday as well. My Henry did not have a beard. He was always clean shaved. It’s just something he always did, didn’t have a beard in any of his photos. He had a similar personality like Prince William and King Felipe of Spain mixed into one. Henry was very much like the character Newt Scamander in JK Rowling’s book and film called, “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them”, persona and all, that was my Henry. Henry did beat to his own drum, but was also mindful of others. He definitely had a humor that would make others smile and feel better being around him. Henry always aired on caution about things, and always had a plan for everything. His death, though was a huge tremendous shock to me and my family. I must say I truly miss him dearly, because of Henry, and everything else I have been through, I no longer take anyone or anything for granted.

In all the court cases that took place in California and abroad that were about me, my family, and Henry, were emotionally difficult for me and my family to endure. One of those court cases took place in the year of 2017 in the month of June. The second court case took place in the year of 2019 in the month of March. I am happy to say that I won both of those court cases.

In my last court case, I asked the judge if I could change my middle name to be legally as Henrika, a female version of the name Henry, to honor the one that I loved very much and still do love very much. The judge granted my request, since I couldn’t marry my Henry, I was able to take on his name legally and redeem it. Henry was my Prince. I’m the true Princess Henry, but I don’t go by that. I prefer to be called Princess Justice. My family and friends call me Justice.

I treat others with decency, with dignity, and with respect, just like how my Henry treated people with decency, with dignity, and with respect. Henry and I are were soul mates and still are. “Henrika” means to rule the mountain. The Japanese meaning of the name “Takai” means high mountain. So, if you think about it, my name means: “Justice will rule her high mountain”. Because of Henry, the Hufflepuff and Slytherin houses are my favorite houses of the Harry Potter series. The word ‘Kitsune’ in the Japanese language means Fox Spirit. So, I identify as The Kitsune, or other known as The Fox Spirit. In honor of Henry and my family, I am in process of writing a book about us. I hope it will bring healing and comfort to the lives of those who read it. Henry and I were and are very much Kitsunes: Fox Spirits of this world. I hope my book that I write will be of help to those who read it. My book title will be The Kitsune Fox Spirit. Please be on the look out for more information about it in the future.

Her Ladyship, Princess Justice, The Kitsune: Educational & Career Background:

I have devoted a lot of my time and energy in getting an education in the areas of which I hold numerous certifications and degrees. The certifications and degrees that I have, are listed here as follows:

Certified Domestic Violence Abuse Counselor, Certified Human Rights Advocate Consultant, Certified Ordained Minister, Certified Spiritual /Business/ Family/ Divorce/ Drug/ Alcohol/ Grief Counseling Life Coach, Associate Of Arts Degree In Child & Adolescent Development, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified International Diplomacy Protocol & Etiquette Advocate Consultant, Samurai Reiki Master Energy Therapy Healer, Certified Crystal Therapy Healer, Bachelor Of Arts Degree In Massage Therapy, Certified Professional Massage Therapist, Criminal Justice Paranormal Psychic Medium, Peace Building Advocate, Background In Criminal Justice Administration & Domestic & International Law, Entreprenuer & Illustrator & Writer (Author).

I am able to connect with those who have passed away from the following from a psychic medium standpoint: Natural Causes (illness, old age), Drug Overdose, Scuicide, Being Kidnapped, Being Murdered, Being Killed in an Accident, Being Killed on Duty as a Police Officer/ Firefighter/ Military Person, etc.

Everyone has experienced the pain of loss. There are many types of loss: death of loved one, divorce, serious illness, job career change, moving, difficulty in meeting one’s personal goals, loss of a treasured item, and loss of a pet, etc. It’s normal to go through different kinds of stages of grief.

Many people around the world have said that I am very approachable, easy to talk to, and non-abrasive towards them. Many of them have felt that my answers are quick, direct, practical, straight forward, honest, and they have felt comforted by the messages given to them. Many of them have told me that my messages have taught them how to have healthier boundaries in their lives.

I would love to have the opportunity to talk to your company or organization and educate your staff members about human rights or other areas that can help bring solutions to any problems the company or organization maybe having. I do give variations of this talk to different organizations in different industries with different problems. Many people have inquired for me to do a talk for them to develop improvement in their professional and personal lives.

If you feel that my talk will be of help to your company or organization, or to you personally and professionally, you may contact me via email to inquire for how much I charge for speaking at your company or organization, or with you, one on one, in a private consultation session and to also arrange a time and date for the event for me to be present that works for the best for everyone’s schedule. Virtual talk bookings (remote video call) meetings for me to be a speaker at your engagement is welcome and accepted.

Her Ladyship, Princess Justice, The Kitsune: Dedications To Others:

I dedicate my work to my family, my friends, to Henry, and my two pets, my dog Gus and my cat Merlin. I also dedicate my reign to helping victims and survivors of child and human trafficking, victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse. I also want to dedicate my reign to helping keep people and their loved ones and their beloved pets safe from all kinds of abuse and to help them find healing and peace in their lives.

I also want to dedicate my reign to helping others during this time of Covid and also in the future. I am praying for people around the world to be able to have many blessings and peace in their lives. I am wishing and praying that many people will be able to find the means and the resources and the support to helping them find a way to be whole again.

Thank you so much. Wishing everyone the best of everything to come.

Of All My Love & Appreciation,

Her Ladyship,

Princess Justice

If you would like to stay in touch with Her Ladyship, Princess Justice, you may contact her at the address provided below. Please understand that your information will remain confidential and not shared with others that are not part of Her Ladyship’s counsel team. Everything will remain confidential with Her Ladyship, Princess Justice, as well. If you would like to write a letter or send fan mail, or send gifts to Her Ladyship, Princess Justice, you may do so by sending your fan mail, letters, and gifts to the following address below. It is in good form that when you contact Her Ladyship, Princess Justice through written letters to please address it to:

Her Ladyship, Princess Justice

1317 S Diamond Bar Blvd

P.O. Box #4285

Diamond Bar, CA 91765


A sneak peak of the book cover to

Her Ladyship Princess Justice’ book:

The Kitsune Fox Spirit

The cover of the book was hand drawn and colored by Her Ladyship, Princess Justice, copyright 2020. This is a photo of Her Ladyship, Princess Justice and Her Forever Darling, Henry. This is what Henry looked like.

Her Ladyship, Princess Justice is still in process of writing her book, and many photos of her drawings will be implemented in her book.

Be sure to stay tuned

With much sadness to report:

Her Ladyship, Princess Justice’ beloved dog,

(Prince Gus Kohei Takai)

has passed away this weekend on November 6, 2021 due to having an abdominal tumor in his stomach area and other complications from the tumor, as well. Gus was born on May 18, 2009 and passed away on November 6, 2021. Gus was 12 years old when he passed away. Gus will be cremated at the wish of Her Ladyship, Princess Justice. Also, a photo of Gus wearing a felt made rose has been provided here at the request of Her Ladyship, Princess Justice. Gus was very well known for his service as a K-9 patrol/ service companion dog for Her Ladyship, Princess Justice, and other individuals needing the comforting help of Gus here in the greater Los Angeles County area in the State of California.

A message from His Honory Judge Hernandez:

[On behalf of the Los Angeles Pomona Courthouse and the local law enforcements, local firefighter enforcements, and military personel enforcements here in the Los Angeles County area of the State of California, we salute you, Gus. We thank you for your honory service to so many. We will see you when we see you. The 007 doggy that you are, will be deeply missed.]

Her Ladyship, Princess Justice extends her thanks and gratitude towards everyone for their kind messages of condolences and gifts sent to her about her loss of her beloved furr baby Gus. Thank you so much.

** Comments, statements, messages, emails, social media communications, and viewing of Her Ladyship’s page(s) are monitored. All fan mail, letters, and gifts mailed to Her Ladyship, Princess Justice are also monitored. All of this is done in protection of Her Ladyship, Princess Justice. Changes of any kind of information to Her Ladyship’s page(s) are done periodically. Thank You **

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